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A few Jezebel posters decide to not examine classism

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This thread bugged me:


I don't think it would have if the people replying to the OP weren't so elitist or at least willing to think that different people have different exposure to ideas, even in the age of the internet.


I mean, you can go to the library, guys. You can go to the internet. I mean, JEEZ, tumblr much? "Blaming ignorance or stupidity on your school is like blaming diabetes on candy bars."

And I'm like, "Really?" JFC, this shit.

This seems elitist. I am not defending the OP (though that post was fine) but the thread was not good. Just because someone is in the public eye doesn't mean it's okay to be classist in return. It just smacked of some really out of touch people casting aspersions towards people who lack their cultural knowledge and it is a class thing.


PS I'm tired. Also, petty.

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