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A Ghost's retrospective

I've been commenting on Gawker sites (mainly on io9 and the Observation Deck) for a long time but I'll just set the Wayback Machine for after Kinja's rollout.

One of my earliest Kinja posts was during my job hunt after getting my bachelor's degree in civil engineering (at age 48). And like any shadowy figure with a hidden face I have my origin story.


I've had a number of posts mainpaged on io9. This post even got a recommend from Nick Denton himself. This one was mainpaged on Gawker and the shortlived Kinja Front page as well.

I like to post about stuff I watch on Netflix and television.


I warned about the Teen Exorcist Fight Squad and the rise of the reptiles.


My main contribution to Crosstalk was writing about looking for healthcare.


Since I'm from the io9 side of the house, I'm Team Sentence Case.


I'm a big user of tags so if any of these posts interest you check the tags on them to find similar posts of mine.

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