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A Good, Bad And Ugly Story About Homosexuality And Transexuality

In general I'm very much in favor of gay and transexual people being treated well by society. But this story about a small country where every family wants a gay or transexual son is super creepy.

The good news from the post:

"The homosexuals of Juchitan are groundbreaking in a way, having gained crucial roles in economic and political activities, normally reserved only for straight men."


The bad news from the post:

Both the writer and the people of this country clearly think there is no difference between being gay, transexual or transvestite.


The ugly from this post:

A quote from one of people effected by this social construct:

"A lot of us are in this way, because our parents have converted us and treated as female, "says Felina, a 36 year-old Muxes, owner of a beauty salon.


I can't think it's a great idea to treat one of your sons as though he was a daughter in the hopes that one day he'll want to wear dresses and have sex with men.

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