I just got judged so hard by the cashier at Walgreen's just now. The contents of my purchase? A bag of Crunch chocolate eggs, a single caramel pecan cluster, and a $4 bottle of wine. Actually, a $3.74 bottle of wine.

Dude, I'm broke. And this is the first Easter I've spent without family in... ever. And I wanted some chocolate. And the wines were right by the Easter candy and I saw that some bargain basement bottle of Pinot Grigio was $4 off with a Walgreen's rewards card, which I have. And I thought to myself, "Self, you could totally go for a glass of wine right about now. And, you have all the other ingredients required to make some risotto, so you could make yourself some nice comfort food risotto tomorrow."

And so I moseyed on over to the cashier and put my wares on the counter. The cashier rang up the candy, then picked up the bottle of white, looked at the label, and asked with absolute incredulity, "is this yours?!"

Look guy, this is a drugstore. You're not exactly stocking premium vintages. If all I'm buying is chocolate and alcohol, I obviously don't need your side eye, thankyouverymuch.

Anyhoo, I rushed back home and am now assuaging my shame with this Easter egg shaped dark chocolate caramel pecan cluster. Booyah!