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A Netflix Newbie Q

I've only recently signed-up for Netflix. The previous place we lived, I was friends and neighbors with the video store owner and here we haven't been renting eight dollars worth movies a month, so I put it off.

Okay, now that I have it, I'll probably keep it for a while, but I'm really confused by all of these tailoring questions. There are four people in my family and at least three of us have been enjoying the Netflix, but the tailoring responses wouldn't the same for more than one of us and because there aren't different profiles, I don't see the point.

For example, earlier we decided to watch something all together and because I thought my youngest would like the animation, I selected Roger Rabbit. Now, I've logged back in to stream Weeds while I work and it's asking me if I like "adult animation" (no), then it wants to know how often I watch animation. (Other than an occasional Family Guy or Simpsons on Hulu when there was nothing else, I never watch animation, while my eight year-old has streamed through Justice League and now he's doing some kind of Avengers cartoon, and my oldest has done Daria and now she's working on Futurama. Obviously our answers wouldn't be the same)


If you have Netflix and more than one person, how do you respond? What's the point?

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