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A New Television Show That Will Piss Off Everyone!

Bret Easton Ellis is teaming up with Rob Zombie to make a television show about Charles Manson.


I can almost feel the outrage now.

First there is the whole new wave feminist hatred of Ellis. He could write a novel condemning the patriarchy and they'd still want to burn him at the stake.


Then there are the million Rob Zombie haters out there who have wanted to piss on him ever since he broke up White Zombie.

Add in the various hysterical parents groups who will be freaked out that little Johnny or Jenny could get exposed to sex/violence/drugs/whatever.


Then law enforcement will chime in about glamorizing crime, etc...

After that you'll get family members of the victims going apeshit.

Meanwhile Bret will be making tweets about it that will outrage everyone.

Finally Manson will give an interview about it to 60 minutes cackling gleefully the entire time.


Get ready to feel the anger burn.

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