There's a girl in my office who I cannot stand. At first, she was merely irritating but with each passing day my distaste has deepened and now I hate her. I hate her so much. When I can hear her chattering at a nearby desk, like right now, my ability to focus on anything else dwindles away. I am consumed with hating her. There's no good reason for it, and detailing the ways that I hate her makes me look like a psycho.

She's too sweet and cute and sure of herself. She's pretty and perfect and just about everyone here thinks she's so fabulous. She's sooo interesting, because she just moved back from living abroad and her husband is still in Ireland which is somehow very glamorous to everyone. She is one of those people for whom life is always easy and success an inevitability.

There are roughly 10 people between her desk and mine, and then another four between mine and the door. She leaves a half hour before me and stops to say goodbye to each person individually on her way out, every day. She actually waits for us to say goodbye to her in response. Enough with the saccharine princess show; be unhappy like a normal person, goddammit.