Episode one-point-three starts off with many indistinguishable words of prescient wisdom from Rust, as he observes the crowd at a Protestant tent revival shindig. The preacher preaches and has the crowd in the thrall of his power. Rust pontificates to Marty how feeble-minded the audience is in all likelihood, but he is wrong, they are just looking for soft, comforting lies to escape the harsh truths that are always hanging over his head. They don't differ in intelligence or capacity of erudition but rather in the degree to which they can escape the horrors of this life by thinking about the promises of the next one, if only they can keep their heads high and their pants zipped up, Burt.

The preacher refers Rust and Marty to someone who can give them more information about the woman crowned in antlers, while guiding them to the discovery that his errant sheep Burt was made a castrato later in life and will be throughout all Christian minstrelsy. Burt is mentally stunted but that would not stop the forceful arm of Louisiana law from setting on him a pack of wolves in prison, even though his crime was not one of violence. But judging by the dirty looks the preacher's flock gives Rustymart when they push their car out of the mud there are vile secrets being packed into that trailer. They are itinerant vendors of evil not unlike the Prince and his accomplices in Melancholy of Resistance, right down to the truck.

On another day Marty comes home to find Rust in his kitchen, conversing with his wife. The lawn out front is verdant and freshly mowed. Rust's secondary sexual features are on full display here: the developed muscles of his arm and his 'swole' chest bursting out of his shirt. Apocrine sweat glands cooling his body down after usurping some of Marty's domestic roles. Later in private Maggie announces that she is "this close" to the terminus of their marriage. This is after a discussion with their daughter about concerning pornographic drawings she distributes at school. The discussion misses the point: how does their daughter in her single digits understand male arousal so well? Well enough to mock it. Marty and Maggie have been fucking since their teens yet their children are still so young. Why is this?

Following is a cruel interrogation of one of many facially scarred men where Rust uses the same techniques with which the preacher works his crowd over to elicit confessions. Incite guilt in the subjects and become the channel for its release. Beholden to him like infants on teats. Cheesy montage of Rusty looking through the microfilm archives. Then Marty narrates a scene to the black detectives while contradictory flashbacks play on the screen. Destroy the family to save the family.


This episode ends with the discovery of another young woman, last name Olivier, branded on her left scapula with the image of the crooked spiral, the concentric eye. Her body was cut and dumped in a river, where it took a few more tumblings. They visit her grandfather who discusses her death in dispassionate terms, but with one of the most amazing and vibrant accents I've ever heard in the English accent. Every word of his rang with cold clarity. He gives them the name of her last boyfriend, Reggie Ledoux, who is last seen walking around rural Louisiana, cane knife in hand, his pale body covered in tattooed scribblings and his face obscured by an elephantine gas mask.

Yes, I fucked up the GIF. I also stole "Christian minstrelsy" from Joyce. There.