I love Stephen King books. I really do. I even love the long books that are invariably great for 95 percent of the text but then have sucky endings.

But, what I am severely tired of is his inserting his anti-smoking and anti-drinking prose into so many, many of his books and short stories for no reason at all.

Look, I get it sometimes. In "Quitters Inc." and "The Dark Half" and "The Shining" he was working through getting over his addictions. And they were great stories but they were more than 20 years ago.

To continue to go over the AA meetings shit time and time again in different stories and lecture about the dangers of smoking is old hat. It's not that I'm against former addicts writing about their recovery process in the name of fiction, I'm just tired of the same tropes coming up over and over again in his stories for no other reason than for him to be like "this is what I had to deal with in my 20s! Beware demon rum!"

What's worse is that because his addiction issues are so long behind him his descriptions of AA meetings and quitting smoking are incredibly repetitive. I swear to god I feel like I've read the AA meeting scene in his most recent book at least eight times in other books.

It's really frustrating and distracting from the actual original interesting material in his books.