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Written in Ink
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A Skin Suit Made of Skin Grafts?

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Oh god, the skin suit is real. But at least someone found a humane way of creating it? That is, if that was the use a regenerative medicine salesman put to the 200 or so skin grafts he allegedly stole over about 3 years from a hospital.


Just pause for a second and think about that-200 skin grafts.

For one thing, that is an extra large suit.

Curiously, his motive for stealing all the skin is not yet known, or at least made public.


Considering that there is a black market for organs, maybe he sold it off, one graft at a time.

Though there is a possibility he was simply doing it to spike his commission a bit.


Which would leave us to ponder—what did happen to all that skin?

Maybe he is the supplier for that British company that allegedly makes human skin belts and wallets? Or how about that skin eating monster from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is real and he is its indentured servant, forced to procure an never ending supply?


What do you think-what does one do with 200 skin grafts and a little free time?

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