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Written in Ink
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On this day in 1776, Benjamin Franklin invented an innovative duck lure that would change the world. Painted to resemble a mallard in flight, the lure was flown aloft like a kite and powered by lightning. But when Franklin attempted to file articles of incorporation for his new duck company in England, his application was taken for a canard and rejected. Undaunted, Franklin incorporated his company in Pennsylvania, which was known for its tolerance of business associations. This new company, which he called "Comcast" after his bastard son, was a success and the British realized their mistake. With the help of pioneering corporate lawyer Paul Revere, Franklin successfully fought off the tyrant George III's hostile takeover attempt. After the victory, the board of directors sought to make Franklin king of the company. The modest Franklin refused. Instead, he took the title of "President and CEO." To celebrate his achievement, on every February 17th Franklin would give his employees a 15 minute break and a half pipe of tobacco, and thus a holiday was born, a holiday that corporate citizens still celebrate as "Presidents Day."


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