Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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A video mixtape for Sylph; a k-pop primer for everyone else

Its hard to explain to Americans why rock is dead so instead, an illustration of the death of LA pop industry and irrelevance of Grammys.

The tape is bookended with two foreigners trying to be Japanese. We start with some 8-bit twee by Freezepop leading into Korean girl bands - BEG's drippingly sexual moves which looks funny on PSY, Wonder Girls' amazing choreography and Pass-that-Dutch era Timbaland bass, Girl's Generation no-expense-spared musical-as-confection, the adorkable Crayon Pop and finally, a monster hit by 2NE1.


From here, the tape shifts into subwoofer-necessary mode. Taeyang's track, produced by G-Dragon is followed by two songs from the cool-maker himself. In a fit of chronological inversion, I've put the breakout K-trap song featuring G-Dragon & T.O.P produced by Diplo after these three tracks followed by another T.O.P song.

For those who read this far and are wondering what the fuss is about, just listen to the next two tracks - CL's the baddest female which has swagger enough to make Beyonce look like a hausfrau... while CL holds a child. Then comes G-dragon's trap anthem of the year. Epileptics, you've been warned.


We end with Chairlift's formal and linguistic effort to approximate foreign pop and make us realize the pleasure in mediation, distance and suspension of understanding - as opposed to pop's immediate appeal and hookiness.

I love you sylph - you're my muse, my way back in since the luddite phase ended.

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