Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Teenagers don't often get a lot right but where I grew up, the disdain for donning a costume by one's mid-teens was so coercive that the last time I dressed up for the night was the year Remington Steele was cancelled. I went as Laura Holt, who was the Liz Lemon of the '80s. (Moonlighting was such a hideous, misogynistic ripoff, and it was my brother of all people who directed me to take note of how Maddie was constantly punished for speaking her mind.)

I guess if I had to dress up again, I'd again go with something inspirational and unique like Laura Holt*. What is up with adults thinking it's funny to dress up like marathon bombing victims, murder victims in blackface, buildings where thousands of people lost their lives? Was this year worse than usual for adults lacking in shame?


*Can anyone explain how her fedora got associated with bro culture? I see negative references to fedoras in relation to MRA/bro stuff all the time, and I have such a positive connection with it.

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