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ACA and Jobs

According to Crain's that plot to destroy healthcare sure is leading us down the wrong path: job growth for the insurance and healthcare industries.

From the article:

The potential addition of millions more people with health insurance to the economy is intensifying the already strong demand for care providers. A November report by Chicago-based CareerBuilder LLC and Economic Modeling Specialists International highlighted eight health care professions among the 19 occupations whose ranks are projected to grow by 8 percent or more by 2017.

They include personal care and home health aids (21 percent projected growth), medical secretaries (14 percent), emergency medical technicians and paramedics (13 percent), medical assistants (10 percent), registered nurses (9 percent), pharmacy technicians (9 percent), licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses (8 percent) and nursing assistants (8 percent).


Thanks, Obama.

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