Written in Ink
Written in Ink

To keep with the movie theme going on, I just saw a gif of Joaquin Phoenix from Gladiator:

And I remember how much I HATED Joaquin Phoenix because of his role as Commodus in Gladiator. He was a petulant, evil buttnoggin in that movie. Like, Joaquin Phoenix acted great in Gladiator, but because his character was so hate-inducing, I held a consciously subconscious grudge against Joaquin.


I couldn't stand him after that in real life or in the movies. The funny thing is, I didn't hate him actively, but I just didn't fuck with him like that. Random Person: You like Joaquin Phoenix? Me: Nah bruh.

Yes I was a hater, I have no problem admitting this. I must say I liked his character in "Signs" but that's because I didn't even notice it was him 3/4s of the movie. Feel free to name some other ones, people!

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