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Written in Ink

"Actually, bears make honey." Ken M wonders why he only has 5 fans...

Illustration for article titled Actually, bears make honey. Ken M wonders why he only has 5 fans...

So, the image comes out kind of small on here, but the conversation is:

"Bee Deaths From Colony Collapse
Disorder on the Rise As Researchers Point to Pesticides"


Ken M: 'more reason for the govt to put a ban on teh pesticide (then again less bees means more honey for the rest of us ;) [the wink and smiley are a nice touch]

yogamews replies: 'no bees = no honey, and no food "genius".......

Eris23Skidoo chimes in: 'Actually less bess means less honey since bees make hone they don't merely guard it.


But Ken M remains unconvinced: "actually bears make the honey but it always gets stolen by bees"

Does HuffPo even <i>have</i> burners?

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