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Written in Ink
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Adrian Chen is #41 for Something

I really hate to link to the idiocy from The Verge. For some reason they've put together a list of fifty people. They say it's because they've "changed our lives", but it might also be people they'd like to fuck. I can't really tell, but if some of these changed theirs... well, I called it an idiocy.

Anyway, coming in at #41 on their list is Adrian. Instead of forcing anyone to scroll through their ridiculously and unnecessarily large format slideshow peppered with ads, I'll just link to the blurb about Adrian and you can do what you want from there.


Congrats to him, even if they don't list anything he did in 2013.

(Now that we're in the season of cheap-to-produce, year-end clickbait lists, if anyone spots anyone else from Gawker Media being honored, please post and link.)

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