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Adventures in Healthcare Coverage

Last week I wrote about getting one of those letters from my provider. So I've started looking at my options.


Since I live in California, the Covered California state exchange site is the place to start (healthcare.gov directed me there as well). I went to my provider's website to get information on the default plan they'll switch me to if I don't choose another plan. Then through the state exchange I got information on a few plans. To keep things simple I started with the bronze and silver plans for my current provider and another provider. I summarized the basic coverage here. There are devils in the details but this gives a good overview.

The two bronze and silver plans each have the same basic benefits with the main difference being that my current provider is an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and the other provider is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

The default plan costs almost as much as a silver plan without providing benefits as good. I make too much as an individual to qualify for subsidies so cost does matter. But the silver plans aren't that much more than I would be paying by default so I may go with one of them instead of a bronze plan.

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