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Afternoon In Montpellier, France

Before Izzy Eyebrows passed out on the street beside the bar she was mumbling in such a weird way that nobody could figure out if it was French or if she was trying English or what. She managed to get a drink by pointing at a bottle of white wine because before that the bartender had no idea what she was saying. Her hair was going out in about five different directions like she'd just come up for air after banging a dozen soldiers. She then looked at the cover of the book I was reading - "Hells Angels" and started rubbing her crotch - as though she wanted to indicate that someone should find her biker cock. Meanwhile the lack of real eyebrows was making everyone within 10 feet of her nervous and off kilter. With her was a giant black dog that looked like it was ready to piss or shit all over the bar at any minute.

It was 3:30 p.m.


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