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Written in Ink
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Afternoon Yak

My my, composing posts. This feels a little too grown up. Like I'm supposed to impart some sort of wisdom to further your lives. Ummm, not happening. Let's get some life back into this hangout. Let's talk, what's going on today with you guys?

I'm continuing my portfolio work, sitting here and have The Avengers playing in the background, sketching around with my tablet trying to make my 3D models look cool. Also thinking about just how particularly wonderful it is to live in a society where we have a company, (While dedicated to lifting cash from your wallet, "If you're good at something, never do it for free.") whose decided to create an overarching story with movies in the case of Marvel. 5 movies developing a backstory and then one big combined movies. And now, a second phase of movies leading up to another huge ensemble movie.

I like that. Makes me happy.

How about you guys, let's talk happy dammit.


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