Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I’m watching it now, so I don’t have a full picture yet, but Will Leitch and A.J. Daulerio’s appearance on HuffingtonPost Live starts with AJ saying that taking down the post is “usually how Nick blows up Gawker” and he believes that was his intention at the time.


ETA: Segment is 26 mins. AJ repeats his theory a few times. As someone who has been around since the beginning, I have to say that I agree this is par for the course, Nick has blown the place up a few times and it’s often accompanied by an outsized reaction. During the interview, Marc Lamont Hill waxes a bit about the Hulk Hogan tape and though he measures his words, AJ may have stepped a bit over a line in talking about it, a lawyer would have advised him to heed, but there’s really not any new information on that point and Daulerio doesn’t say anything that I believe would hurt his and Gawker’s defense.

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