Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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All of my Hearts Are Gone

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You know how sometimes, when it's two in the morning and you're just a little stoned, and have three term papers due this week and haven't slept all that much, and you had a good day and a good dinner but things have just felt a little harder than usual lately? Anyway, you feel like that, and then some tiny thing happens, and it cuts a lot closer than it probably ought to. Just for a moment, you just have this sudden knowledge of loss.


What I'm getting to is that I just noticed that my hearts are gone. Every friendship and every follower, hundreds of those meaningless little hearts, bam, swept away. This is gonna sound stupid, but sometimes I'd go through them, and think, man, I haven't seen that person in forever. I wonder if they're still around sometimes. I'd get these little fleeting jags, even if I couldn't remember any one thing they said, this hint of personality, of wit or friendliness or whatever that drew me to them.

And now they're gone. And I wont ever remember or think of 99% of them ever again. Like so many fleeting acquaintances on and offline, goodbye, adios, zài jiàn.

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