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Written in Ink
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Allegedly a comment on Elvis impersonators by the Ricin-sending guy in Mississippi

(why are the html tags visible in this view, but not in the detail view?) Anyway, I can't guarantee this is really him, but it's supposed to be from the ricin guy: Kevin Curtis said on October 5, 2007: I’m a 7 time world finalist in the Images of the King contest but gave up competing in such “contest” long ago as “politics” took over instead of who deserved the crown. I went undercover in 2000 and discovered several Elvis contest in several states which were rigged with hosts and judges getting kick-backs. That just takes the fun out of anything I guess. I found Tupelo, Mississippi to be the most corrupt in all state and I guess I’m not the only one, Consumer reports mag published article last year stating Mississippi as the most corrupt state in all 52 states in the U.S. so go figure! Poor “E” is prob rolling over in his grave! RIP E..we miss ya man! This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this message.


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