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Besides dosing myself up with Claritin and antihistamines and then going to my doctor (which I will be doing on Friday), does anyone have any other suggestions? The pollen level is relatively low but ragweed is making me feel like I'm having an asthma attack everytime I go outside. Maybe "Chenopods"


Here is an article about the ways allergies are getting worse:

This year allergies are particularly bad, thanks to record rain in parts of the South and Northeast.

“The rain is a big driving factor this year,” Dr. Cliff Bassett, a New York allergist and fellow with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, told Weather.com. “Grass pollen is flourishing this allergy season. Ragweed is here to stay.”

The length of the allergy season is also an issue. Just because the season started earlier, doesn’t mean it will end earlier.....

"The prevailing theory has to do with the has to do with our seasons," Dr. Carr said. "There's a warming trend in our environment, so we're seeing a much more favorable growing environment for weeds."


Damn you global warming.


The only positive things today is that I discovered teeshirt bras—which are the greatest things ever.


PS. I can't believe hayfever was knocked out in the first round of the privilege tournament.

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