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Alright you sappy fuckers, what is your favorite place?

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And I'm not talking about "New York", "Hungary" or " the West Coast" or some vague shit like that. We're talking really specific shit to capture a feeling. It be emblematic of a time, like for me, one of my favorite places was Prague in February of 1992 or swimming in the Baltic Sea in 1995. It can be representative of a season—I loved late summer thunderstorms in Northern Maine. I loved dark summer nights in rural New Brunswick and Northern Maine because of all the stars—I never realized that people in other parts of the country couldn't see the milky way. I loved riding on the Cabot Trail as a child and stopping at this foggy inn on a hill. I love the middle of Walden Pond late at night. I liked Willard Beach in South Portland during an especially hot September in 2010. I loved those first hot days in June in Cambridge, before it became oppressive.


Tell me all of it. And don't skimp on the sentiment. FUCK. Sentiment is the fucking fuel that is firing this fucking post.

Picture by Rabee Kiwan.

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