So I was thinking about doing another post like the one I did Saturday when I came across this at Colorlines. I think these artists deserve their own post. Feel free to share...

These artists were featured at a joint Asian-Latino pop-up exhibition that was hosted by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American and Latino Centers on August 6th and 7th. I found all the artwork to be great and thought provoking. You can read the article Beyond the Korean Taco: When Asian and Latino American Cultures Collide about how the pop exhibition came to be. Jamilah King wrote up a great summary(which brought my attention to the exhibition) in the post Asian and Latino Artists Weigh In On a Changing America (NSFW cause boobs*) on Colorlines.

They put the entire collection on Tumblr (NSFW for tasteful boobage*) so you see the artwork and learn a little bit about each artist. Below are some my favorites:



Lalo Alcaraz (who is the author of one of my favorite comics La Cucaracha and Editorial Cartoon. I love his work.)


Fidencio Martinez:

Ray Hernandez for CultureStrike:


Audrey Chan:

********I went ahead and put NSFW tags on two links cause boobs. Even though those boobs are drawn I don't know how strict everyone work policies are. *********