This lady is fed up. She recorded this video in what looks like her SUV after watching the President's speech (probably to get away from the kids making a racket so she could hear). But what she heard did not please her, America. Oh no.

Mommy is mad and you are grounded.

She watched the President talk about Syria and he contradicted himself and he lied. "He's lying. He's lying. He's so lying," she repeats over and over in a sort of stunned mantra. I bet this woman even canvassed for Obama. Probably ruined a good pair of Teds.

She is fed up. She has had just about enough. You need to call your Congresspeople and then go clean your room. She knows none of you have been paying enough attention. Lybia? Anyone? Bueller?

Points to her for getting out of the car and showing us the surveillance copters. For a second there I really thought they might take her out. But luckily, she ducked back inside and the rant went on.

When a woman like this is ranting on a webcam instead of running the food co-op and her nonprofit public art program, something is wrong. I think we need to listen to her. I'm ready to do whatever she says. I'm right there with you in Rockland, lady who can't stand it. You make 100% sense to me and I agree with everything (I wouldn't have used quite so harsh language when speaking of a sitting President, but I'm paranoid about Homeland Security that way. In fact, maybe iksnay on the ongstray anguagelay, lady. At least until the copters go away.)


ETA: Call your congressional representative. What the heck. Couldn't hurt, right? Here's a search site if you don't know yours. And here's where you can speak to the White House. Only don't expect a reply unless your last name is Goldman or Sachs.