So I've been seeing the ongoing buzz about the episode of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's featuring Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale.

Consumerist has a pretty good series of posts on the topic.

To highlight some of the WTF:

The owners, Amy and Samy don't give the wait staff their tips.

Gordon — and certainly more than a few viewers — were enraged when they found out that Amy and Samy kept all of the staff’s tips, but Katy, who made more than minimum wage,admits she had no idea that this arrangement could be unethical or illegal.

Amy thinks everyone online is a "hater" and out to get her and her super awesome (not) food

She forbids it!!!

Also she's a convicted felon.

Amy, real name Amanda Patricia Bossingham, submitted an application for a line of credit with M & I Bank using the social security number of another person on August 16, 2001, and the bank approved a credit line in the amount of $15,000.


(can we also talk about why Radar Online is a pink bubblegum nightmare of a website designed by an ex-Myspace user)

And yes I am writing about Amy because I want me some of that sweet, sweet,crazy hate.