An apple a day. . . is a good start.
It's that time of year again when the fruit vendor at the farmers market in my suburban NYC town brings their apples down from their family orchard (since 17-whatever!) in the aptly named Pomona, 45 minutes north of Manhattan.
If you've got a source for local apples anywhere nearby, for god's sakes what are you waiting for? Like most such things, smaller batch fruit tells quite a different story from what the factory farms send to most supermarkets. Flavors are fresher, deeper, more complicated. . .better.

This weekend saw the return of Honeycrisps, — bright, juicy and, yes, very sweet apples "for people who don't like apples" (and those who do). There are still Gingergolds around, and soon the parade picks up the pace with Mutsu, Macoun, Empire, Winesap, Ida Red, Delicious and Cameo (what Red Delicious are supposed to taste like.) Sample widely.
I eat mine out of hand (or cut, cored and sliced into eighths), but if I cooked more, I'd be all over it.