I could share the post where Neetzan embedded this video, but then I couldn't tell a story and add an editorial comment.

I actually hadn't noticed the Gawker post. I had read the one above, time-stamped later, but then looking back, there was the embed of this video and four more until you get to the next one I remember. Most likely there was a page break when I reloaded Gawker, but the nuts and bolts of why I personally don't recall seeing five posts isn't my point.

A few minutes ago, I was queuing-up Castle to stream on the side, when I noticed a similar still on the Hulu version of the clip and for some reason, I wonder why, I decided to play the Jimmy Kimmel segment. And because it was cute, plus it had an attention-getting still, I thought about posting it to Crosstalk.

Before posting though, I pulled-up the Gawker Coachella tag to make certain the video had not already been posted. As I said it had, but because the timestamp made me wonder why I had missed it during the day, I scrolled back through Gawker to find the post, which (finally) leads me to what I consider an interesting part...


At the time of this screengrab, Neetzan's post with the video had around 235k views, while the one after had just over 5,000 and the one before, less than 20k.

It seems that I had had an average response.