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An Infographic on Editorial Staff Vs Content in Digital Media

For some weird reason, Gawker's statistics are not tabulated in this comparative chart even though The Awl family of blogs form sort of a lower level marker against the other bigger operations. If anyone else wants to crunch the numbers for gawker, easily available, and add them - please go ahead. NY Times is the most bureaucratic/thorough of the lot.

Here are the numbers.

New York Times: 1,100 newsroom: 350 pieces of content per day (per September 2010): 17.4 million pageviews per day.

Huffington Post: 532 full-time editorial staff: 1,200 pieces of editorial content per day. 28 full-time blog editors: 400 blog posts per day: 43.4 million pageviews per day.

Buzzfeed: 100 full-time editorial staff: 373 pieces of editorial content per day: 6.4 million pageviews per day.

Slate: 40 full-time editorial staff: 60 pieces of editorial content per day: 2.4 million pageviews per day.

The Awl family of properties: about eight full-time staff: (including The Awl: 2; The Hairpin: 1.5; The Billfold: 2; Splitsider: 2.2): about 60 pieces of editorial content per day (The Awl: 20; The Hairpin: 12; The Billfold: 11; Splitsider: 16): 64,000 pageviews per day for TheAwl.

Business Insider: 70 full-time editorial staff: 300 pieces of editorial content per day: 2.5 million pageviews per day.


[h/t to JK Trotter]
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