For some weird reason, Gawker's statistics are not tabulated in this comparative chart even though The Awl family of blogs form sort of a lower level marker against the other bigger operations. If anyone else wants to crunch the numbers for gawker, easily available, and add them - please go ahead. NY Times is the most bureaucratic/thorough of the lot.

Here are the numbers.

New York Times: 1,100 newsroom: 350 pieces of content per day (per September 2010): 17.4 million pageviews per day.

Huffington Post: 532 full-time editorial staff: 1,200 pieces of editorial content per day. 28 full-time blog editors: 400 blog posts per day: 43.4 million pageviews per day.

Buzzfeed: 100 full-time editorial staff: 373 pieces of editorial content per day: 6.4 million pageviews per day.

Slate: 40 full-time editorial staff: 60 pieces of editorial content per day: 2.4 million pageviews per day.

The Awl family of properties: about eight full-time staff: (including The Awl: 2; The Hairpin: 1.5; The Billfold: 2; Splitsider: 2.2): about 60 pieces of editorial content per day (The Awl: 20; The Hairpin: 12; The Billfold: 11; Splitsider: 16): 64,000 pageviews per day for TheAwl.

Business Insider: 70 full-time editorial staff: 300 pieces of editorial content per day: 2.5 million pageviews per day.

[h/t to JK Trotter]
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