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An Interesting Exercise with Lots of Vintage Pics of Naked Women (Link: NSFW)

Fabian Titus has put together a five-part series on nude imagery in the 80s, toward the end of Socialist rule in Hungary, for Cink. At least that's what I believe it's about, but if you run it through Google and Microsoft's translation services, there is a difference between the two versions and neither is complete.

The best I can determine, he does print, nudism and music, beauty pageants and supermodels, then movies and AIDs. As of this writing, part five has not been posted and neither service is translating "Szexinvázó", so I really don't know what it will be about.

What is interesting are the bits which are translated and reconciling the two versions to get a measure of the translator's performance and an idea of the posts, plus the couple of dozen vintage, naked women mostly, scanned pics. (NSFW)

For background, here's the Wikipedia for János Kádár, whose "era" he keeps mentioning. Kádár was General Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party from '56 to '88.


Update: The fifth installment has now been posted. Google translates the subtitle to "Sex Invasion", while Microsoft leaves the word untranslated. The focus of the post could be the normalization of the porn industry, but I haven't really reconciled the two translations. It's probably also worth mentioning that part five doesn't seem to have as many naked women pics.

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