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An Unbelievable Way To Save Money On Eyeglasses!

Sorry for coming off like those annoying Gawker ads disguised as actual articles. But I recently lost my job(don’t worry start a new one on Jan 4th). And being low on funds cause you to think of creative ways to save money. Plus some of you may be looking for ways to cut spending due to holiday spending.


Earlier this year I broke my 2 month old eyeglasses. Sadly, Medicaid only pays for one pair a year. I am pretty much blind without them, and everything becomes a hazy blur. That’s not good when your only means of income is counting pills in a pharmacy. Bad, bad mistakes will happen.

I was faced with the options of waiting 8 months until I’m eligible for another pair. Pay $250 out of pocket, and get them in a week. Or opt for Lens Crafter’s “1 Hour Guarantee” glasses for $350+. Neither options were practical considering my bank account read $13.75.

But a coworker told be about this new trend of buying prescription glasses online. She paid only $20 for a pair that looked very stylish, with a nice decent weight, and construction. They didn’t feel like the slightest drop on the floor would cause them fall apart.

I called my eye doctor, and the eye tech (right term?) gave me the prescription information over the phone. You might have to get creative with the reason for the prescription request. While legally they cant withhold this info from you, businesses hate loosing customers. Fortunately for me, I had a very understanding relationship with my eye doctor, who knew the financial bind I was in.


The prescription is basically a series of numbers for each eye. You take the info, and plug it into the company’s website. Pretty foolproof. But if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself online(or can’t see the web page), most reputable companies will allow you to call customer service, and give a verbal order(some will even accept fax).

I used Swift Eyecare, but there are other great companies, Coastal Eyecare is another. Just do your due diligence, and research the company you choose. Some companies manufacture overseas, which may go against some people’s ethics. IIRC, Swift manufactures in NJ.


Also, before ordering SEACH ONLINE FOR COUPON CODES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Most companies are offering deep discounts to lure away brick and mortar store customers. I was able to find a great “free lenses” coupon on retailmenot.com. The stylish red frames on sale for $9.99(re. $39.99), but I was eligible for their “First Pair Free” promo. I paid $19.

Delivery didn’t take more than a week. Many companies offer expedited manufacturing/shipping. The image above is the pair I settled on. Once you decide on a company, a general Google search for “(company name) promo/coupon code” should give a decent selection.


Here’s a copy of my invoice:

Sub-Total:$48.95 (USD)

Discount:($39.00) (USD)

Shipping:$9.95 (USD)

Tax:$0.00 (USD)

Order Total:$19.90 (USD)

Hope this helps some folks. Happy shopping!

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