Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Clearly it wasn't intentional because the Gawker guest post about the fellow being sued by American Express is a cut and paste from another site, but his (unnecessary) suggestion to buy the book "preferably through the Amazon link on this site" comes across a little off-putting, when you consider that Skimlinks has automatically added the Gawker tag.

Again for some reason, the request appears in the original post even though the link doesn't have a tag, so the site isn't getting paid for any purchases made through it, but when Skimlinks rewrote the original link to pay commission to Gawker (which is in the ToS — they'll rewrite any Amazon link anywhere in Kinja that isn't pre-written with the author's own tag), unedited it sounds like Gawker is begging.


I think the polite thing would be for them to remove that bit of text.

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