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Anatomy of a Post: Combatting Racism

Today, NPR's "All Things Considered" featured the second of a two-part report from Frank Morris about the Ozarks. The first contrasted Eureka Springs, with its thriving LGBT community and site of Arkansas' first same-sex marriage with Marionville, Missouri, home to the terrorist who shot several people at a Kansas City Jewish Center.

The second report, the one which aired today was about Harrison, Arkansas. Harrison is about ninety miles from Marionville and Morris' story was about recent efforts by community leaders against a vocal and active racist community. Illustrating this division are a pair of billboards from the racists, complete with a web address which lists the town as being 97% white and claiming that most residents support a Ku Klux Klan conference center located just outside of town, against one erected by a Community Task Force on Race Relations.


Because the town's history and internet reputation has been so closely linked with the KKK and racism, Mayor Jeff Crockett, in cooperation with the Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission held a funeral and buried racism to commemorate Dr. King's life.

BTW: In case Harrison or Mayor Crockett's name seems familiar, adding to the area's internet reputation, Hamilton Nolan attended the "2012 Faith and Freedom Conference" at the Klan conference center which he profiled for Gawker and Bucky Turco filed a gallery of photographs, while Mayor Crockett commented and emailed in the town's defense.


(h/t Legal Ruralism; photos from NPR)

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