Killing time instead of working, I glanced at Room for Seconds and saw a recipe for "Magic Bars". In the post, @GreyjoysMissingMember theorized that it may have originated with the sweetened condensed milk company and because I got that mixed-up with evaporated milk, I ended-up on YouTube looking for Burns & Allen.

My thought was to find one of the many commercials and suggest watching a few full episodes, but when I saw that I had the wrong product, I was going to give up on the idea and actually do some productive work. Then I saw the following short bit, where a guy is reading from mid-century typewritten documents and that gave me the perfect opportunity to post an in-show Gracie Allen commercial, suggest that if you're interested, you could seek out some full episodes and while I'm at it, I could include a reminder of the time she ran for President.

(If that's not enough, the YouTuber with the advertising plan has several more documents)