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And so it continues to go

Seriously, fuck you Gawker. Fuck you Nick Denton. Fuck you John Cook. Fuck you Tom Scocca. Fuck all of you assholes in the Gawker Media empire who are supporting this absolute perversion of Gawker's comments.


I can remember when comic gold like this Siri joke were the standard to which all commenters were held. It fostered a much better atmosphere and conversation than the sniping of burners. So far, the stated goal of encouraging "whistleblower types" to join in with burner accounts doesn't seem to have been realized. And at what cost?

Welcome to Gawker, folks.

Full disclosure: "For Fuck's Sake" is my burner, since the jackasses in charge of commenting (everyone? noone? Denton's cat?) have blocked me from commenting on the front page.


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