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Written in Ink
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Andrew Ross Sorkin: PR Flack as Journalist

Alex Pareene had a fairly good article on the absurdity of Dealbook publishing press releases as news. And how profitable this has been for Andrew Ross Sorkin. The parts of the article on Too Big To Fail I found particularly enjoyable as that book is still passed off as a reliable definitive account of the aversion of crisis (ha!) even though much of it has been discredited. For instance, the assertions that many banks took TARP money as patriots even though they didn't really need it. So, no one could pick out who the ones really in trouble were (even in the book this makes no sense since some got far more than others so it was pretty obvious to pick out the needy ones). This has been discredited by both Paulson and Bernanke, who admitted that many of the banks were in more trouble than they let on at the time.


Of course, we all already knew this:


But it was still interesting if only as a collection of examples on how ridiculous the whole pretense of Dealbook as journalism or Andrew Ross Sorkin as a journalist is.


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