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Angel or Demon? Neither.

So here I'm being called a bitter fugly bitch for daring to say too many older guys lust after younger women.

And here I'm being loved to death and told not to die of cancer.


First off, I have no plans to die right now. Yes I'm a melange of illnesses, and my returned thyroid cancer is one. But I don't talk about the many health woes of twizzler. I wasn't really thinking when I outed myself in HamNo's story.

Until further notice, twizzler is very much alive and her death is not a concern. Thank you ALL for your love and kindness. Well, the ones on HamNo's thread. The people on Lacey Donohue's story would be glad to know I have cancer, so don't tell them. Shhhh.

Secondly, my fingers are numb from responding or ungraying or in some cases having to dismiss comments. I have to do a thing called life now, which is un-Gawker related. I have literally been sitting here all day like one of the beleaguered Interns.

So I'm outtie. People are really getting bitchier and bitchier by the minute on that one thread, so I fully expect to come back to calls for my execution in the public square.


Never stand in the way of a man's right to young pussy. Sheesh.

Everyone have a lovely Monday evening.

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