Crosstalk is at something of a disadvantage compared to some of the other community Kinjas because we're not linked from the dropdown on any of ad-supported blogs and because we have a [dot]kinja address, so it is largely up to us to promote our own community.

Toward that end, I share some posts with the other communities and I hope others will do the same. I've also sent a link to tips@ a couple of times, hoping that something that I felt was worthwhile or original might be shared to one of the ad-supported blogs.

I also humbly ask that whenever possible and if it's not too much trouble, when you reference Crosstalk or one of its posts in another forum (including the ad-supported blogs) that you code the link. Because of our [dot]kinja address, I feel this will make us easier to find.

Another thing that I'm experimenting with and the purpose of this announcement: I've launched a Crosstalk-branded Twitter, which I'll use to get the word out about our content.

Right now, I'm going to focus mostly on the posts which may be more of interest to people who aren't Crosstalk regulars. This is not to discourage friendly conversational posts or pure fun, I'm just thinking that if they get here through something that might have wider appeal, they might choose to stick around because we're such a great place to be.


As to whether this will stay the M.O., depends on feedback and whether it's less discriminatory and time-manageable to just tweet every post. Right now, nothing is written in stone.

Another goal of having a branded Twitter is that there are lots of people approved as authors, who don't frequently participate. If someone's life is currently too busy to keep up with Crosstalk directly, they or others could follow our Twitter feed as a highlight reel of our posts.

I'll also use this feed to occasionally retweet some of the Gawker Media bloggers and staff.


Any thought, feedback, suggestions or retweets would certainly be appreciated.

Note: I may bump this post up again Tuesday or Wednesday, so that more people will see.