What was the point of the nonsense on Gawker about a few people on a fringe sub-Reddit filling-in false rape reports? I assume it came to Gawker's attention because it's Max's alma mater, but other than stirring the pot, what was the point of the original or follow-up post?

Were we all supposed to have ill-will toward the people who did it? Well, if they're the type who would file any kind of false report, I already wouldn't hold them in high regard. Were we supposed to register for Reddit accounts and downvote or something? (I don't know. I don't Reddit) All any reasonable person could see happening would be that the added attention would get more people to the forum and result in more false reports. (Though if anyone were so inclined, an asshole wouldn't actually need to visit the sub-Reddit because Adam laid out their case and provided a link to the Occidental form)

Naturally that's what happened, but instead of it being a one day story, it's now going to go on because some associate professor decided to use the situation to position herself as a bombastic quote-giver, giving her a little fame and which could lead to a better gig.

Don't get me wrong. It's a nice quote and she probably worked on it for a while, but the premise is false because someone willing to file a false rape report from a fringe sub-Reddit has never been "the specialist girl" anywhere, except in their mother's eyes.

It looks to me that everybody got clicks. The sub-Reddit for the stunt; Gawker with people wringing their hands and the associate professor will most likely be called upon to give more quotes to other blogs down the road.


It was a nothing story that turned into nothing. There wasn't any point and for the sake of the Occidental system, it would have been better if the original handful of protesters had been ignored. No matter how right or wrong anyone's beliefs may be, we're never going to all agree and trolling type posts puts too much emphasis on what people on the edge believe.

At the end of the day, what... at most 400 people, though likely more like just a hundred filed a false report? That's about the same number of people which fit in a good-sized college bar and just a few more than the number of comments to Adam's original post.