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Another Horrible Halloween Idea

We have already had several stories regarding abhorrent Halloween costumes this season. Kings Dominion (not wanting to be left out) decided it would be a good idea to create a mine-tragedy themed haunted maze. That's right. They've created not just an offensive costume, but an offensive attraction.

Take a look at the "Miner's Revenge" attraction at Kings Dominion. Here is the current website for the attraction - which appears to have been scrubbed. However, Kings Dominion can't escape the Ghost of Google Cache:

Alone in the darkness… the only sound is the pulsing of your heart as the searing heat slowly boils you alive... It was reported to be the worst coal mine accident in history. The families of missing miners begged for help but it was decided that a rescue was too dangerous. The miners were left entombed deep underground. Lamps at their sides and pick-axes in their hands they are searching for the men who left them to die… waiting to enact their revenge.


The Kings Dominion theme park in Doswell, Va. is about three hundred (300) miles from the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia. In April 2010, twenty-nine (29) miners lost their lives at the Upper Big Branch Mine. A spokesperson for Kings Dominion has stated: "Miner's Revenge is not designed, nor intended, to depict a specific situation. Rather, it is simply a themed Halloween attraction."

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) offered his thoughts: "It's just beyond my understanding and comprehension that anybody could… absolutely stoop that low for the almighty dollar."

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