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Another paper essentially bites the dust

The Salt Lake Tribune loses 20% of its staff this month. It would have been more, except the 3 top people at the paper stepped down along with their bigger salaries to save more heads.

You've got to tip the hat to managers who do that and don't try to screw everyone else and just hoard every job until they're the only ones left. (Unlike at my old paper, where all the editors demoted themselves to reporter so they wouldn't have to lay themselves off and could lay off the REAL reporters. They're the only ones left now and the paper reads like it. A-holes.)

So pats on the back to Publisher William Dean Singleton, Editor in Chief Nancy Conway, and Editorial Page Editor Vern Anderson. Another 17 staff members were also shoved out the door, accounting for a whopping 20% of the entire staff.


This is the newspaper's fourth round of layoffs in three years. Utah's largest newspaper is literally a shell of its former self.

Pick another city. Plug in different paper name and layoff rounds. Repeat.

This should matter to you for no other reason than, without legacy media, Gawker has to get its stories from Buzzfeed and Reddit.

Be very afraid.

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