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Another reason to not get an Oculus Rift(?)

This was from John Carmack, developer of the Oculus Rift. Looking at that tweet, one would understand if you get a little angry. It's important though to take a look at the context.

Okay you got me, that was the context. Congratulations Brendan Eich for not apologizing for spending money to make sure gay people don't get married. I'm pretty sure all of the people affected are giving you a standing ovation in their homes for sticking with your principles.


Of course, people that think like this are never finished with just one tweet:

What a great person Eich is. It took some real guts to stick by your dislike of gay people getting married. He is a man you can trust. Trust him to do what he can to keep the inevitable from happening.


Again with the integrity. I'm starting to think you don't know what that means. Why should I care about his integrity? He doesn't care about the gay population's integrity. This seems like (as always) a one way street. I'm guessing the next step will be "muh firs' 'mendment rauts".

Here's something people need to understand. All it takes is a little research to find this out..."THE MOB" was not responsible for Eich resigning. That had to do with all of the people under him resigning. All "THE MOB" did was light the candles that were on this shit cake. But hey, if you want to give me credit for making him resign just because I started using Chrome in place of Firefox, I will take it. Fuck you Brendan Eich and a special fuck you to John Carmack.

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