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Written in Ink
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Another Word About Recruits

As I've pointed out a couple of times and as many have noticed, we're not really associated with the Gawker blog anymore, but someone was recently going through our mainpaged posts based on the sidebar and that may have been related to Recruits.

I will do whatever I can to attract eyeballs to anyone's effort, so if you're interested in being a Recruit, you might want to start posting. Joel's original post says that they're hoping for three Recruits per title. I'm going to guess that the bulk of Gawker's might come from the blogging clique and not from the commentariat, but I don't know that to be true and they're certainly not going to find someone hiding under a rock.


If you're interested in being a Recruit, I suggest that you start posting and because I'm proud of our space, I'm hoping that you'll post to Crosstalk.

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