Today has been a very bleak day for all the citizens of Crosstalk. This is the day where our happy little place, full of love and hugs, has been invaded by the pro-dog agenda of Paxcincinnatus. He would like to say that he is neutral—he likes the post and he likes Magister. He doesn't want to be like "Geocities", evoking archaic websites in an amusing way to defame the growing pro-kitty movement.

Let me tell you a little about Paxcinnatus and you tell me if you think that you can trust his viewpoint:

1. What kind of name is Paxcinnciantiutsius, which I can neither spell nor understand? Upon further analysis, I believe that it means "Peace in Cincinatti", which I suspect means that he wants to invade our heartland and establish a dictatorship to enforce peace. We all read 1984. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. Indeed, Pax.

2. To correlate with my previous analysis, I suspect that his love of the "post" is a nod to others, slyly showing that they are stalwart and enemies of progress. Do we want to go to Mars and explore the universe, Crosstalk or do we want to be like a post and stay grounded? You answer that question when you vote for the banner.

3. For that manner, there are other questions about Pax, most specifically in 1963, where was Pax? No one has definitely answered whether he was on the grassy knoll that day and for that reason, I suspect that it furthers the reality of the fact that Pax is an enemy to freedom.

So, when you vote for a banner, ask yourself "What am I voting for? Am I voting for something fluffy and sweet and warm and inquisitive? Or am I voting for a reactionary who may have been involved in killing the president and invading the midwest?"


Thank you.