Written in Ink
Written in Ink

Ya know, I am so over the Jezebel (and Jezebel commenter) smashing.
I don't read every post produced on Jezebel, but I hate how some men actually think they have a right to look down upon things produced for a primarily female audience because some of it is , let's say, unintellectual . Yeah! Jezebel has trivial post about what celebrities are doing, cats and dogs, and fashion. But those post are just as lacking in substance as post about new cars, what athletes are doing, and what teams are trading who.

The number of times I've heard a dude say "I don't like Sex in the City or The View" is making life too boring and predictable to bare. If you're a dude who thinks The View and Oprah is just a bunch of women squawking about non sensical gibberish, fine! I think sports center is a bunch of dudes grunting about non sensical gibberish.
Deep voices: "Well ya know Bill he's really come into his own this season and I think we can expect him to finish strong." WTF! and Why should I give one?!?!

And the shots taken at the commenters are just stupid. Yeah not every commenter is a quintessential example of an intelligent and sexy women. Every group has its nut jobs. But if you take those few examples and attempt to apply them to all Jezebel commenters -well, that's called over generalizing and it's a cognitive distortion.


Let it also be known that if you take an unwarranted shot at Jezebel commenters, and it doesn't make me laugh, I'm likening you to a boy who's only method of garnishing female attention is still by putting fucking gum in her hair. Do us all a favor and don't breed.

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