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Written in Ink

I can kill a plant at 30 paces (I don't know what that means). I don't mean them any harm. I just forget about them. They are too quiet. They sit there, silently suffering without a word, until one day, bam, they are dead. This is clearly their fault.

Anyway, I finally got a hankering to get my yard affairs in order after about 2 years of doing nothing (complete with citations from the city environmental office!), so I bought some plants and seeds, weeded my back yard (to some degree— although I hurt them in the last battle, they have the kind of resiliency and numbers that I just can't compete with. They clearly are winning the war), bought some mulch, and yesterday and today, made it all come together. I have the shortest attention span known to man, so I know that after this week, I have maybe one or two more good days of yardwork ahead of me before I lose focus and allow the weeds to reclaim their rightful territory.


Here's my question— I planted Echinacea, Lavender, and Red Hot Poker seeds. The Lavender and Red Hot Poker packets say to start them inside, 6-10 weeks before the last frost, then plant the sprouts outside. I'm in Zone 7, and we are a few weeks beyond the last frost, so I just went ahead and planted them outside. The Echinacea packet says to sow them in late summer or about 12 weeks before first frost for blooms between July and September (I guess they mean for July-September 2015). We've got about 1.5 months before summer even begins, but I went ahead and planted anyway. What is going to happen? Will my seeds sprout? I don't mind if they don't bloom this year, but is it likely that they will at least get established this summer in spite of my wonky planting schedule?

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