I don't need specific legal advice, just a small question about class action lawsuits.


I was recently mailed some paperwork saying my name has be included in a class action lawsuit against a local hospital. Something about them overcharging uninsured patients. I visited this hospital once a year and a half ago for a tooth pain problem. I paid my bill (something like $250) after I received it.

To get involved with the lawsuit I have to fill a bunch of stuff out and I have absolutely no interest in being involved.

To opt-out I have to write a letter and include visitation dates and chart numbers and blah blah blah, things I can only get if I visit the hospital because these pieces of info are never given out over the phone because of confidentiality. Way too much hassle for something I don't want my name attached to.


I verified with the hospital that the lawsuit is real and the contact info for the law firm is legit.


Do I really need to write the letter, or can I just ignore the whole thing?