I have a question for the techies out there. I have an iPhone 3GS 8GB (yes I know it's old, but I can't afford to, and refuse to upgrade), and I am drowning in apps. Every so often I go through, and delete the apps I rarely use just to free up space.

The problem is when I delete apps that I only occasionally use. For example, I use iDownloader to download YouTube videos, and save the vids to my camera roll to view offline. Considering I do this only once every couple months, or so it doesn't make any sense to keep an app that large in my phone on a permanent basis, just to use it a few times a year. The problem is when I delete these rarely used apps, and I am ready to use them again I've completely forgotten what the app name was. I rarely use many apps, but they do come in handy when I need them.

So my question is:

Can someone give me advice on how to handle/organize temporarily unused apps. It's especially irritating when I've paid for apps, and I can't used them anymore because I've forgotten what I've downloaded, and erased. Is there a way to easily save a backup listing of apps I've downloaded/purchased? I realize I can use my iPhone to go to the update tab in the AppStore, but Apple was having an issue after their last update, and many users (me included) weren't able to access the "Previously Downloaded" tab. Besides, when you've downloaded a few hundred apps, scrolling with your finger gets cumbersome. Plus the way the listing is set up is horrible, takes forever to load, and you can't categorize it. But that's another issue there.

I'm not sure if my question makes any sense, I'm a total novice when it comes to all things tech, so while the answer to my question may seem obvious to many people here, it's a mystery to me. Also if a computer playes any part of the solution because I don't have one.